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flags of our fathers

Installation // 2018 // polyester, metal and wood

is there anything political about this?


they shared faith
no other country on earth

we are all connected as one
senior citizens
it makes my life poor
fundamental Believe
we are one
free to speak without fear
I believe in peace for our time
education, education, education
It’s time to change
yes we can

stay the course
enough is enough
I make the change
all things are possible
power of our democracy
this time must be different
it’s been a long time coming

Let the dust settle
doubtful majority
emphasis and attention
with the president
has a place for him too
larger dreams
I’ve seen the future

Lead to a conclusion
refer to the constitution
political leader
political Stability
make assumption
first choice

official mandate
governmental consultation
reformal strength
political vision
sustainable energy
It’s an Honour for
direct democrazy
broad majority coalition
bring people together
advancing in education
finance estimate
significant progress
Informal discussion
Map out the affair
evaluate the ground
approaching the issues
preferred discussions
political seroconversion
operational congress
public opinion
assign the commissions
financial restructuring
broad appeal
be responsible

free to stand for what I Think right

do we participate in a politics of hope?