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Side being, side belief

installation // tape, text, video, photos and occasional body // 2020
Photos by Io Alexa Sivertsen

Inside / / outside ;;

What is our role within the space and what is our connection to it? Questioning who belongs to what and what belongs to whom.

We are on the inside or outside - but what is in between?

Existing inside / outside a space does not parallel the actuality of an insider nor an outsider. It can become

both or neither. The presence of both or neither.

Questioning how personal background and experience affects the feeling within a space and what that space has to offer - as well as what can be offered to the space. Private and public.

Interactions within the space are controlled by unconscious thinking

Finding opportunities to highlight the actions and slide them into the consciousness.

Knowing without knowledge controls our behaviour although demanding control of the knowing with observation and acknowledgement is a possibility.

Insider / / outsider

What happens when you step out of your unconscious thinking and doing. When you explore your being within the space

The counscious being of actions, where does this conscious visit lead you and how does it relate to the space and other beings, conscious and unconscious. What does your being mean and how does one portray it with conscious mind, is one the true self when not unconscious?

In Iceland there is this folklore of beings that are in control of nature. The humans make their way to avoid those creatures, at least behave cautiously and with utter respect.

What if my being is this way of approaching my own being and fellow beings being with constant caution and timidness.